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About Me

Discover Heather Arslanian, LAPC

I am a Behavioral Health Counselor at The Psychology Center in Douglasville GA. My specialization includes working with individuals experiencing unwanted habits, behaviors, thoughts and emotions. These experiences can originate from various sources including biology, genetics, childhood occurrences, conditioning, and socio-cultural influences.

I specialize in working with clients ( men and woman) who are in a relationship or are suffering from the aftermath of  abuse. I can help clients with identifying red flags, relational education with this type of partner and the symptoms of intrusive thoughts and cognitive dissonance. People who suffer this kind of trauma are not necessarily codependent and the PTSD symptoms are very different. I am trained specifically in this area.

I am here to help you work through whatever challenges you face in a non-judgmental and caring environment. We all deserve to be happy and healthy and it is my goal to help you be just that.

When I am not helping clients or working with the community, I like to spend time with my two daughters, dog and two cats. I enjoy hiking gardening, reading and traveling.

Certification in Continuing Education

1.Treating Personality Disorders

2.Intensive training on Narcissistic and Psychopathic abuse

3.Trauma Informed Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

4. Role of nutrition in mental health

5. Gaslighting: Helping clients escape and rebuild from a narcissists emotional abuse

6. Narcissistic abuse for therapist: Empowering clients to break free and recover from gaslighting, emotional manipulation and coercion

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