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Pets are victims of narcissists too.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Every pet deserves a home, but not every home deserves a pet.

Narcissists are easily bored, driven by impulse and in need of constant adoration. For example, the narcissist is lonely and bored he needs stimulation so he impulsively gets a new pet. The pet provides him with the attention and admiration the narcissist needs and temporarily takes care of his boredom.

Pets and animal rescue also serve as great cover for their lack of empathy. Having a pet(s) and getting into animal rescue is great cover or mask for the narcissist. He now has portrayed himself as an empathetic person and has access to highly empathetic people who become perfect targets for more narcissistic supply.

Narcissists do not really care for the pet, anymore than they do their supposed loved ones.

Zoey an aging cat of a narcissist was left with the narcs father who did not want the cat. He would often throw the cat outside and did not show the cat any affection. When Zoey became extremely ill to the point she needed to be put down (euthanized) the narc was unable to empathize with her suffering. He let Zoey deteriorate rapidly and painfully because he could not understand her pain despite her not eating, constant crying and vomiting bile. Zoey did not get a peaceful ending.

Pets can be idealized and devalued as well.

Sherman (dog) and Stet (cat) where once beloved pets. Sherman would go hiking with his owner, sleep in bed and take car rides. Stet although timid was starting to get used to people and loved to receive her treats every morning, She would cry every morning until she received them like clock work. After about three years their narcissistic owner decided to get another dog. After two weeks of having the new dog Ally, she savagely attacked Sherman. Sherman had to be taken into emergency care received hundreds of staples and drains and was sent home with a poor prognosis. Ally also chased and scared Stet to the point she resided to living in the basement. She no longer asked for her morning treats or came up to be around people. The Narcissistic owner devalued Sherman and Stet at this point. Sherman was discarded and went to a new home and Stet still cowers in the basement. The narcissist insisted that everyone including a professional dog trainer and veterinarian over exaggerated the awful attack on Sherman and the severity of Ally's (new dog) behavior.

The narcissist has absolute views on people and pets. They are alternating between idealizing the person or pet and devaluing them and discarding them.

The narcissist expects people and animals to fill the void of their deeply ingrained insecurities. Unfortunately for the pets and people involved this is an impossible task.

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Teena Slawich
Teena Slawich
Aug 23, 2021

My ex husband through away his entire family, kids and pets and went and got a German Shepard puppy within a few weeks. He was living in a camper! Needless to say that poor dog was rehomed and ended up dying young (cause unknown). But ohhhh my poor ex went on and on about how he loved that dog amd was so sad when it died. Another attention grab! He "loved" us once too! We are all easily discarded and replaced. At the end of the day good riddance! So glad that season is over!

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