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FREE WORKSOP: How to spot a dangerous man


“How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved”

By: Sandra L Brown

THURSDAY NIGHT @ 6PM for 13 weeks

The Psychology Center

6130 Prestley Mill Rd, Suite A

Douglasville GA 30135

You will learn:

  • 8 types of dangerous men

  • Identify dangerous and hidden behaviors

  • Symptoms of

    • Covert violent tendencies, hidden past, permanent clinger, men who are emotionally unavailable, addictive behavior, mental illness

  • Predatory type partners

  • Understanding your red flags

  • Signs of bad dating choice

  • How to get out of relational safety

  • How to develop support

Heather Arslanian M.S.P.C. is working at The Psychology Center in Douglasville GA. She has been working with women who have been victims of domestic and workplace abuse. She volunteers her time at the Nichols Center in Douglasville for families in recovery and is the author of the blog Dangerous Dating Awareness At this time she would like to extend her knowledge and research to the community and bring awareness to help prevent relationship harm.

Please call for more information at 770-949-9675

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