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FREE SUPPORT GROUP: Surviving Toxic Love

If you have been in a relationship with a pathological or abusive man this is a safe place to share and heal with other woman who understand. You may be experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Obsessive rumination

  • Grief and Depression

  • Intrusive thoughts/Flashbacks (of good and bad memories of the relationship)

  • Avoiding of people/places/things that remind you of the relationship

  • Anxiety/Panic/Fight/Flight/Freeze responses

  • Craving for the relationship even though it was harmful to you

  • Feel deprived of your attachment to your former partner

  • Acute, Chronic Stress Reactions, PTSD or Complex PTSD

  • Stress-Related Physical Illnesses

  • Feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster

  • Decreased ability to focus and make decisions

  • Cognitive Dissonance (Conflicting belief system that the partner is good/or bad)

(These symptoms where taken from

This group is held every Friday night at 5 pm at

The Nichols Center

6534Spring St

Douglasville GA 30135

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