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FREE Belly Dancing for beginners (movement based technique)

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This is a fun class for woman who want to be more self aware, build self esteem, encourage body positivity and practice being mindful. Above all it is a safe place to connect and build support with like minded fun loving woman. The attire is comfortable work out clothes. We do sell accessories and all proceeds go to the Nichols Center: Families of Recovery.


Movement-based techniques (MBT) are exercises that integrate movement and mindful awareness of the body. This can be practiced alone or with other techniques such as breathing exercises or while engaging in trauma focused work. MBT’s main objective is to allow individuals to become more aware of their body and to use movement that is self soothing, promotes self awareness and reduces stress responses.

Movement based exercises help strengthen our ability to feel inside of ourselves (introception) and to sense body position, balance and movement (proprioception), which activates areas of the brain that are affected by trauma.

Belly dance as MBT can change the brain in 5 different ways:

  1. Decreases activation of the fear center of the brain (amygdala)

    1. Reduces the intensity of reactions to triggers

    2. Reduces stress response and increases relaxation

    3. Reduces the feelings of always being on guard

  2. Increases the interoception center of the brain (Insula)

    1. Decreases trigger response

    2. Decreases anger and emotional outbursts

    3. Reduces numbing

    4. Reduces dissociation

  3. More activation in the memory center (hippocampus)

    1. Promotes feeling safe

    2. Reduces fear/ triggers

    3. Allows traumatic memory to be experienced as past tense

    4. Increases ability to cope with negative memories

  4. More activation in the thinking center (prefrontal cortex)

    1. Allows clear thinking, better problem solving and better decision making

    2. Improves concentration and attention

  5. More activation of self regulation center (cingulate)

    1. Improves emotional regulation

    2. Improves ability to respond to triggers in a healthy manner

    3. Improves ability to deal with distressing thoughts

“Trauma Treatment Tool Box”, Jennifer Sweeton

This class is held every Friday @ 6pm at:

Nichols Center: Families of Recovery

6534 Spring St

Douglasville GA 30135

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